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    產品簡介 Product Profile


In the design of hydraulic transmission systems for some special applications or prospective research projects, designers may encounter the difficulty of having no suitable hydraulic components to choose from. When the general hydraulic components on the market can not meet the needs of client, the company may be able to provide complete sets of solutions, customize and develop the required hydraulic pump/motor, valve, cylinder and other supporting hydraulic components.


Clients only need to provide detailed requirements when ordering products, not limited to the cases listed in this article.


When customizing hydraulic pump, motor or cylinder, if there is no stock, the MOQ is generally not less than 10 pcs.

    HYC-MP2F0.025B HYC-MP2F0.016B 閥配流微型泵 Micropump with Seat Valve Distribution

? 斜盤式柱塞泵,閥配流,柱塞數量3 

c656e467da48dfb2d4bf6e88ecbc70c.pngSwash-plate piston pump with seat valve distribution, 3 pistons 

? 公稱排量 Nominal displacement0.025cc/r 0.016cc/r 

? 額定壓力 Rated pressure30MPa 

? 額定轉速 Rated speed 5000rpm 

? 最高溫度 Max temperature 175℃ 

? 介質粘度 Oil viscosity 3-500cst 

? 旋向 Direction of rotation:雙向 Bidirectional 

? 重量 Weight0.3kg

? 產品的外形安裝尺寸請在產品手冊中獲取。

Mounting dimensions of the product can be obtained in Product Manual.

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